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Andrew Harvey you made the trip effortless from pre-trip to arrival to our departure. What a help it was providing us with all information required for the import/export of a firearm. Once we stepped of the plane we were greeted immediately by Andrew. Even before we got off the plane, you were already aware that the airline did not deliver my weapon and had already started making arrangements for it to be picked up; you also provided a rifle to use until I received mine.

I truly feel our scheduled time was well organized and well thought out. The accommodations for our stay were excellent; we were very comfortable and felt very welcome. We had some great laughs with the people we meet along the way. The hunting was exciting and challenging, the many types of animals are just amazing. The meals were outstanding; it was our first time tasting Kudo, Gemsbuck and Eland.

Words just cannot describe our experience with Andrew and his team. My wife says that Hunter and Stormy are the true PH’s of the team and they are a true asset to the team. She also mentioned that her questions probably made Spunky and Ron a little crazy but they were very gracious and helped make her trip a good one even when they had another job to do.

Thank you everyone, we look forward to working with you in the future!

Duane and Beth Houghtaling

10/10, a great experience. Andrew is a great PH. The accommodation and food was excellent. It was a very fun hunt and I look forward to seeing Andrew in the US in Jan/ Feb.

Thanks Andrew,

Minnesota, USA

My safari with Andrew (my 7th) exceeded all expectations. Andrew works extremely hard to ensure his clients have a great hunt and a great experience. The accommodations, the service, and the game are all top notch! I would recommend Andrew to anyone...

Kevin Poynter
Tennessee, USA

My first Safari and visit to Africa. Wow! What an experience! From the time Andrew picked us up in Port Elizabeth until he dropped us off. Everything went like clockwork. Hunting with Andrew is like hunting with your best friend. The accommodations and meals were excellent. I hunted 3 different areas and took 11 animals. We even had time to visit Daniell Cheetah project, Addo Elephant park and fish in the Indian Ocean. Yes this was a trip of a lifetime, and I want to do it again!

Ken & Brenda Bender
Iowa, USA

When we first booked our hunt we were not too sure what to expect having never been on a guided hunt. The experience was over the top! The amount of knowledge and quality game made it worth every penny. Food and accommodations exceeded our expectations with breathtaking views from the lodge. The hunt was the perfect way to start off our honeymoon in Africa. You will not be disappointed. Andrew started as an experienced guide that turned into our first South African friend. We took with us a lifetime of memories and many stories to make our Canadian friends jealous. Thanks, we will see you and Hunter in the future!

Tanner & Alana Moore

I would highly recommend to anybody with interest in an African Safari, to book with Andrew Harvey Safaris. Andrew is so passionate about his Job and looks out for the clients every need. He is extremely knowledgeable about his hunting areas and the size of the trophies. He makes dreams become a reality – Awesome experience.

Minnesota, USA

My brother and I returned to South Africa for our second safari with Andrew Harvey Safaris and brought my wife along. The trip was excellently planned and arrangements were impeccable. We were able to hunt and take every animal on our wish list. Andrew was very flexible and considerate while leading us through the bush making this strenuous stalking style of hunting very exciting, safe, and doable. We highly recommend Andrew and his team for anyone who is interested in taking on the excitement and adventure of an African safari. It was an adventure of a life time that we were able to enjoy twice with Andrew and his team. It truly speaks volumes of Andrew's abilities that we returned for a second hunt with his team. "

Larry Storinsky

What a great safari we had! This was my first hunting trip to Africa, and I can only compare it to my trips in the American West and Alaska. Simply put, there is no comparison. Andrew Harvey is thoroughly professional and extremely good at what he does. From my arrival at the airport through all the shooting, I loved every minute of it. The highlight was of course taking two large Cape Buffalo at less than twenty yards in cover so thick we could not see the entire animal. But every animal was truly exceptional, and I really appreciate how hard Andrew worked to ensure I was delighted with the quality of the trophies. Some days we were exhausted from the stalking; other days our jaws ached from laughing so hard. By day four, we were already discussing the next safari. What a treat.

Thanks so much to Andrew, Peter, Hunter, and the staff.

Jeff Megargel

It was an Amazing trip and truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I might just have to come back.

Thank you, Andrew Harvey Safaris!

Adam Jenkins

This was my second trip to Africa with Andrew Harvey Safaris. The quantity & quality of game was Excellent. The Lodges were clean, comfortable and friendly. This will not be my last trip to Africa and certainly not my last with Andrew Harvey Safaris. See you soon.

Bill Thompson

Another awesome Safari as before. We hunted hard and collected all of my desired trophies. We had excellent accommodations & memories to last a lifetime. Thanks Andrew.

Brandon Ryan

I could not have imagined a better ten day hunt. The stalks were challenging and rewarding. Our accommodations were awesome and hospitable. Each day was its own adventure, and I spent every night looking forward to the next day. I couldn’t have found a better Outfitter or PH, if I searched all over Africa. Andrew’s dedication and determination made our Safari. I’m already planning my next trip with Andrew Harvey Safaris.

Don L Toffolo

From the moment Andrew picked us up from the Airport, we had a wonderful safari. Accommodations were excellent and the company was welcoming. Each and every hunt was thrilling. From the stalk to the harvest of the animal, these memories will be with me forever and will be cherished. I am already looking forward to my next Safari with Andrew and his team.

Garry W. Rogers

It was a great time Andrew. I got everything I was after and a few extra. The animals were all great quality trophies. The accommodations, lodging and meals were excellent. The beer was always cold at the end of the day. Thanks Andrew, I will be back.

Lawrence W. Miller

It was a Fantastic Trip. The hunting, trophies, company, food and accommodations were amazing. This was a trip of a lifetime - Thanks Andrew.

Matt Brewster

This was the second hunt for my brother and I with Andrew Harvey Safaris. There is no better reference that can be made that equals repeat business from happy, satisfied clients.

This time we brought my sister-in-law with us. This was her first hunt, first safari and first Zebra. Andrew got her within 100 yards of the Zebra. She made her one and only shot count. One shot! One kill! With someone who has never hunted before! This feat was truly amazing and a great testament to Andrew’s hunting and stalking prowess, as well as his patience and coaching abilities.

My brother took 5 animals and I took 4. I harvested a beautiful Red Lechwe, a Black Wildebeest with a nice boss, a Cape Springbuck with large horns and a Red Hartebeest. The only animal on my list that I did not get was a Baboon. They are wily, wary, quick and ever alert. The troop has many eyes and ears and they know what it means when a pickup truck full of men comes down the road. No matter, it was fun to shoot at them and watch them scatter.

The stalks I made with Andrew for the 4 animals I did take were challenging and exhilarating. I slithered on my belly like a snake, crawled on my hands and knees through tall grass, hiked up and down steep rocky mountains, and had to make long range shots from contorted positions behind cover. These were the best stalks and hunts that I have ever experienced! I was dog tired at night, but I went to sleep happy about that day’s hunt and dreaming of the next day’s hunt.

The trackers and skinners took great care in skillfully handling our trophies and preparing them for the taxidermist. The accommodations, meals and service were wonderful and we stayed at some of the places from our first trip, so it was like visiting old friends again.

Andrew also took us on a side trip to a Cheetah farm where we took some incredible photos of the feline predators there, and we also stopped at a roadside stand for some Kudu pies. Delicious!

Thanks to Andrew and his team for another wonderful safari!

Michael Storinsky
Ohio, USA

Dearest Andrew and team,

You made my first trip to Africa with my husband, Larry, and my first time ever hunting the most memorable adventure ever. I don't think I will be able to top this experience in my life time or the memories made with my husband unless we come back to hunt again with you and your team. We took all five animals on our wish list (Kudo, Gemsbuck, Black Wildebeest, Black Springbuck, Zebra) and added an extra one to the list on our very first day - one of my favorites, the Waterbuck - to make it an even six.

I have never laughed so much, been treated so lovely by you and the entire team taking care of us on and off the land, eaten so well and beautifully, stayed in more gorgeous accommodations, or stalked an animal up and down the mountains including on hands and knees and sliding down the mountain on my backside. Your patience, support, and calming voice ensured my success in taking a huge Zebra - in extremely high winds that day. Oh, he is beautiful. Andrew, I got my Zebra!

Thank you for making sure everything was taken care of for us from the time we touched down in Port Elizabeth until the time you dropped us back off to return home. You showed us your magnificent country along the way and made sure we went to the Cheetah Farm. My husband said it was going to be a trip of a life time and that was an understatement.

Blessings to you, your family, and your wonderful team,

Teresa Storinsky

My daughter took me on a 2 week safari in South Africa, and she booked us through Andrew Harvey. Andrew picked us up at the airport and took us to a lodge to drop off our gear, and it being early afternoon, he asked me if I was ready to shoot something. We grabbed our rifles and took off. That afternoon I shot the most beautiful Nyala, which is still my favourite trophy. We collected 16 trophies in 2 weeks. I've compared what we collected with what other outfitters provide, and there is no comparison at all. View my pictures on his website and see for yourself. Andrew won't let you take any game unless it is trophy quality. Andrew is so good at his job that he can put you on whatever you want to take without wasting any time at it. I am a successful deer hunter with 50 years of experience, and I still can't wrap my head around how good Andrew is at his job. This truly was the trip of a lifetime, with spending time with Andrew and his friends; I will never forget any of it. Andrew is not just all about business, but the kind of guy you want to spend time with, an instant friend, someone you can trust. You will be sad when you have to leave, and always hope you can return. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Jeff Keith
Florida, USA

The hunting with Andrew Harvey in Africa was brilliant. I have hunted in Asia and Europe, but my time in Africa was far better. I can't wait to return. Thanks again Andrew and your dedicated team.

Steve Shears
Northampton, England


I know I speak for Stuart & Steve in saying that in every aspect the trip far outweighed our expectations. You live in a wonderful part of the world and the Scenery and Landscape, the abundance and variety of Wildlife, the Standard of Accommodation and most of all the Hospitality and Kindness shown by all throughout our trip were second to none.

Please pass on our thanks to RUSSELL & JULIE, BRENDON and ILSE, BENNIE and your MUM, and PETE and LONGONE for all their efforts on our behalf and most importantly, as we never met, YOU’RE WIFE MANDY for all her help in the organisation of the trip.

Paul Martin

I have been to Africa many times, but this was my first true Safari. It was truly a life changing experience. The hunt was fantastic, it exceeded my highest expectations. The Hospitality was superb. It felt like I was hunting with lifelong friends. I highly recommend Andrew Harvey Safaris, to anyone who wants to experience the hunt of a lifetime.

Matt Hreben

I Loved the hunt the animals the food the people & most of all the great times. No complaints at all.

Thanks Andrew,
Matt Hughes
Trophy Hunters T.V.

Hunting with Andrew Harvey Safaris & with Andrew himself, has been an over the top and great experience. This was my 9th safari in Africa and my 3rd in the Eastern Cape. The adventure Andrew took me on was like it was my very first. Thank you my friend!!! I will be back.

Blake Barnett
Trophy Hunters T.V.

Andrew Our first trip to Africa was amazing. We came thinking this was a once in a lifetime trip, but before we left we were already planning our next safari. You are the best P.H. that I have had the pleasure of hunting with. The food lodging and Hospitality exceeded our expectations. We now understand the meaning of “You arrive as Clients and leave as friends”.

Ron and Ruth LeFevere


Just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for us during our visit to the Eastern Cape. You where at all times an attentive and considerate host, we could not have been looked after better. Russell and Brendon were also both great guys, a credit to your business.

The accommodation at Preston Park was perfect, very homely and comfortable. At Spring Grove Private Game Reserve we were very impressed by the standard of the lodgings which was five star.

The hunting did not fail to impress, we had some superb hunts in spectacular scenery. It was a trip of a lifetime for me and my father. We both took away some wonderful memories we'll never forget. Dad still talks about the Wildebeest stalk he watched us do at Springrove. We also enjoyed the variety and beauty of the terrain.

Many thanks also to your mum and Bernie, what considerate and excellent hosts.

I hope we can meet up again in the future.


Mandy and Andrew made planning my first African safari easy by responding to e-mails quickly, offering advice and being helpful and accommodating in every way. I had chosen the 6 day hunting, 4 days touring package. The scenery was fantastic, lodges well beyond my expectations, the food tasty and plentiful and the staff friendly and eager to help. The abundance and variety of game animals must be seen to be believed! Andrew proved to be a remarkably gifted and skilful hunter who made me, a safari neophyte, shine. His ability to spot animals a mile away, to judge trophy stature, stalking them and get me into shooting range was nothing short of remarkable and astounded me.

Needless to say, I took all five animals on my list plus two extra ones in just 4 days with time to spare. After that it was sight-seeing and deep sea fishing. I very much enjoyed to meet Andrew's lovely family.

Thank you, Mandy and Andrew, for making my trip to Africa a most memorable experience. True to your motto, I arrived as a client and left as a friend.

Hans-B. Krebs, MD., Ph.D.

Fighting a Tuff flight & difficult weather (Rain, wind, etc.) Andrew still got the job done. Thank you for making Sabrina’s adventure wonderful.

Thank you from a smiling father.

John Thompson

From the moment we arrived in the Karoo, we were met with the warmest hospitality possible. The hunting was nothing short of spectacular. Where most Outfitters over promise and under deliver, Andrew Harvey Safaris OVER DELIVERS CONSISITANTLY. We Chased and Bagged the best animals of my life.

Thank you Andrew & Mandy and your entire Team.

David Sweet

To Andrew Harvey Safaris:

My experience with outfitters, hunting guides and professional hunters is limited, especially considering that I've been a hunter my entire life—at least a third generation hunter. Living in the midwest and not prone to travel far or pay for hunting, my big game experience is aimed mostly toward whitetail deer. That said, I'd rate my self an above average hunter and woodsman.

Intentionally, I had no expectations of what East Cape South African hunting might present other than what I learned thru a short visit with Andrew at the Chicago Outdoor Show. Also, worthy of mention is that we booked a one-hunter one-observer experience —my wife, the non-hunter “city girl” as the observer.

We both were completely impressed not only with Andrew but also with his skinner-tracker, Peter. Together, their expertise in spotting and stalking all of the animals selected to hunt (all were harvested) was incredible. Andrew's standards of what constitutes a “shooter” trophy animal is extremely high—much higher than mine, which is very beneficial to a first timer in Africa. And, BTW, my wife was as comfortable as could be not only during the hunts but also in the tremendous accommodation and cuisine of all three lodges visited. The overall hunt experience was an 11 on a scale of 1-10.

Bob Groene
Port Byron, Illinois
Active member and past-president, Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers

Andrew & Mandy,

From the minute I purchased the hunt and received your email the very next day, it has been a real pleasure working with you both. You two were outstanding answering my emails quickly and providing me with all the answers for my questions. When we arrived in country, Andrew was there waiting for us with all smiles. From the moment we walked through the door after claiming our luggage, Andrew took it from there. As we walked to Andrew’s truck I felt a sigh of relief, we were on our way. During our next 7 days with Andrew I couldn't blink as I was afraid to miss something. The views of the landscape were like nothing I had ever seen before. They varied from lush green valleys, to dry mountain tops. The abundance of game was incredible, it seemed as though there was a heard of mixed species on every hill and around every corner. As we glassed the herds, I couldn't believe there were so many trophy animals in each group. All of which exceeded my expectations and my safari buff colleagues as well. The look on their faces was priceless as I showed them my carefully prepped trophy photos upon my arrival home. We pulled off the incredible feat of taking 9 trophy animals in a short 7 days of hunting. It was like I did two safaris in one. The accommodations were incredible and absolutely 5 star. Never in my life have I had so many smiling faces and helping hands in front of me. We felt as though we were a king and queen hunting with an old friend.

Thank you both so much for the Hunt and Experience of a Lifetime.

Brian Conner


What a hunt!!! You have given Jeff and me memories we will treasure for a lifetime.

It was a phenomenal experience from the minute we were picked up at the airport until you dropped us off for our return home. We enjoyed every minute that we were on safari. The trips to our hunting areas were exquisite. The raw beauty of the country and the journeys that enabled us the opportunity to see so much wildlife were wonderful! Jeff and I are amazed at your ability to see game miles away and then determine their quality.

We would like to sincerely thank you. Mandy's assistance was invaluable. Your trackers and skinners are as good as anyone ever has been at the job. First rate.


Harold D. Beavers
haroldbeavers@comcast.net (Harold)
jdbeavers@comcast.net (Jeff)

It is sad to see good things come to an end sometimes. However there will be a time when such good things will start again. Now let's count down to the moment that we will get together again for a new safari.

Back at home and on duty, let me drop a couple of lines to express on behalf of Dr. Bustos and myself, our sincere thanks, for such a fantastic trip in Africa. A trip on which you have been the main reason, and responsible for our very successful and enjoyable moments. I am not capable of expressing how extraordinarily well we spent our time while we were there.

Un fuerte abrazo!

Luis Montero Fano

What a hunt!

This was one on my bucket list and it surely surpassed all expectations!

I was extremely pleased with the professional, dedicated, and hard work that Andrew put into my hunt.

He, his team and the staff at the accommodations that were provided were exceptional!

Thanks to Andrew Harvey Safari's I shot all of my animals and came home with loads of memories and 8 trophy mounts to relive my hunt.

Andrew not only made the hunt memorable but our non hunting time was also exceptional. Visiting Karoo Taxidermy was amazing and the staff there were so obliging. It was such a pleasure dealing with them. It is comforting knowing that my mounts will be handled with extreme care!

Visiting St. Francis Bay and some of Andrew's family was the icing on the cake and so relaxing after 8 days of hunting. My wife, who is non hunter had a great time. Andrew went out of his way to make sure what she wanted to do was also accomplished.

My wife and I had a wonderful time on our first trip to South Africa! Thanks Andrew! And please thank Spunky, Peter and the rest of the memorable people we came in contact with, they made our trip extraordinary.

If you have clients that have questions please do not hesitate to give them our emails.


Tony & Pat Depre, Illinois

WOW! What can I say but thank you for making my first African safari the best memory. Your attention to all details from beginning to end was beyond my expectations. Your intense love of the hunt & your willingness to share this w/others is beyond measure. Can't say enough about the accommodations, staff on all levels, and anything else I might have missed. This has truly made 2013 an outstanding New Year. And thank you for including me & my wife in Blake's birthday celebration. This really was a trip of a lifetime & hope to repeat it.

Your new friends,

Steve & Lory Magenta, Illinois

This past spring we had the privilege to once again hunt with Andrew Harvey Safaris. Just as our previous two, our third hunt with Andrew proved to be both successful and pleasurable. The unique and difficult animals we had listed for this hunt showed once more that Andrew is a highly experienced PH. He was able to pick out the record book animals each time. Andrew's access to tens of thousands of hunting acres; and his skilled, knowledgeable, and hard working trackers and skinners who handle the animals taken in the hunt with great care; insured us with quality animals. Although we had a day or two with no success, Andrew never gave up and we completed our wish list by the time the hunt was done. The hosts and staff of our beautiful lodging went above and beyond our expectations; and the meals were delicious.

Doug & Sandy Popma

Doctor Bustos and I have been hunting with you for a very, very pleasant 5 days. Your professionalism and kindness were, no doubt, unique and absolutely compliant with our expectations.

Our sincere thanks for your efforts and constant dedication in looking for the best planning, the best trophy to shoot, and the best place to go.

I am almost certain that Doctor Bustos or someone in his family will sooner or later be calling you to ask for a new adventure that you would manage to arrange for them. Carol said, "next I will be going along to put a little bit more of luck in your hunt".

Indeed my thanks my friend should I know anyone wanting to hunt in your country, be hundred per cent sure that I will encourage to go with you.

Luis Montero

What a great time. Andrew was great at finding quality animals. I hope to be able to go back. My once in a lifetime bucket list is going to expand to twice in a lifetime. thanks for the memories and I loved the ADVENTURES.

Bill & Kathy Rodgers

A friend and I have talked about hunting South Africa for 10+ years and in August 2011 that dream became reality. We booked a 10 day hunt with Andrew Harvey Safaris and were very satisfied with our decision. Andrew was very involved from the moment we booked the hunt.

He assisted us in making sure we had the appropriate paperwork for bringing our rifles to Africa and made sure we had the proper equipment. Once we arrived in Port Elizabeth we were met by Andrew Harvey and from there we didn't have to worry about another thing. The food, accommodations, and hunting areas far exceeded our expectations. I will certainly be making another trip to South Africa and plan to hunt with Andrew Harvey.

I would strongly recommend this trip to other hunters and non-hunters.

Bill Thompson, Ortonville, MI. USA

I gladly confess that Andrew exceeded my expectations in every way. This was my first safari to Africa and I had been waiting for this trip for many years. I am grateful that I was able to hunt with Andrew. From the time he picked us up in Port Elizabeth to the time he returned us to the airport, was literally a dream come true. The accommodations were five star, the cuisine was world class, but best of all was the true African hunting I experienced watching Spunky and Peter (the trackers) work and observing Andrew develop his intricate stalking plans that always put us right where we needed to be. The game was plentiful and of trophy quality, Andrew guided me to take a huge Eland, Kudu, Black wildebeest, Zebra, Impala and springbuck. The scenery was breathtaking we hunted semi desert terrain to ice capped mountains to scrub bush and loved every minute of it. Like a lot of people, this for me was a once in a lifetime experience initially, I must admit though I am currently planning my return trip to once again hunt with Andrew Harvey.

Brandon Ryan

This was our second hunt with Andrew Harvey Safaris.  My wife and I were again treated very well and experienced very good food and accommodations in addition to excellent hunting.  Andrew will do anything he can to insure you have the opportunity to take all the animals on your list.  If you are considering a plains game hunt in South Africa, I strongly recommend Andrew Harvey.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Dave & Kay Poskey

We have traveled all over to hunt and film & I must say, our Safari in South Africa with Andrew was an experience that left us wanting more!  Andrew's patience and knowledge of the land & game allowed us to take 12 trophy animals between the 3 hunters. In addition to that, we were able to film nearly all of them, which is a feat in itself!  All this in a 10 day trip was a lot to ask & Andrew delivered.

The entire Safari was a first class experience, from the food, lodging & staff to the hunt itself and finally taking care of our taxidermy. His advice for traveling had us well prepared for the flight & customs.  From start to finish, the trip was exciting and constantly surpassing our expectations.  We can't wait to go back again!

Thank You Andrew, for a truly wonderful Safari.

Ed & RaDonda Vaught, TN, USA

You would think the South African hunt trip with Andrew Harvey Safaris would be the trip of a life time but I found myself planning the next trip before I got home. The lodging facilities and food were far above what I expected and the staff took care of our every need. The guide and trackers were very professional and took great care to make sure we were in position to take only the finest animals.

Thanks again for a truly great hunting experience!

Joey Stanger, Tyler, Texas.

This was my third trip to South Africa to hunt with Andrew Harvey Safaris.

If my continuing returns to hunt with Andrew Harvey is any indication of my degree of satisfaction, then Andrew deserves a 10+ in my book. From attention to detail, to communication (before, during and after the hunt), to the quality of animals, the preparation of trophies, to the quality of food, accommodations and staff, all things meet or exceed my expectations as a hunter, client and friend.

Every time I have booked a hunt to South Africa, the plan was for that hunt to be my last but, "never say never" as I hope to return in the near future!

Thanks for the experiences, the hospitality, the continued extra effort, the attention to detail and most of all the friendship.

Mark L. Sanderson, Ravenna, Texas.

Andrew Harvey is a very knowledgeable, extremely reliable , highly competent and skillful professional hunter. His employee Peter, who acted as our driver, skinner and tracker, was hardworking and courteous. Together, these two gentlemen produced the most wonderful hunting adventure of a lifetime for my brother and I.

My brother and I hunted 5 animals each, from 9 different species in 8 days with a 100% success rate. This was our first safari to Africa and Andrew got us every animal on our lists. All of the animals we took were well above average representative trophy specimens. Most of the animals will qualify for the SCI record book.

We hunted on 5 different ranches and stayed in 4 different lodges. All of the accommodations, meals, housekeeping and staff were 5 star! Andrew provided a well organized, comfortable and safe safari from the time he picked us up at the airport until the time he dropped us off at the airport. There were no worries, no delays and no mistakes.

My brother and I are already planning our next safari in 2 or 3 years time and it will definitely be with Andrew Harvey Safaris. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Michael Storinsky, Michigan, USA

Larry Storinsky, Michigan, USA

I was lucky enough to get the chance to have Andrew guide a hunt in May of 2011. His knowledge of the terrain and animals is outstanding, and he makes everything very fun, too. The stalks were challenging, and the animals were wonderful!  Andrew will get you on the game, and get you trophy animals, all while making sure that you are hunting at your level of comfort.  The food and accommodations were outstanding as well. I can’t wait to hunt with Andrew again, and recommend him without hesitation to any level of hunter, and families too!!

Thanks, Andrew.

Molly Barnett

Andrew, thanks again for another memorable hunting experience. We have spent a total of sixteen hunting days together in two separate hunts, and thanks to you, I have sixteen great trophy animals. No one works harder than you and your talented staff to locate good animals. Your hunting skills continue to amaze me and the Eastern Cape, truly is your “backyard.” Everything was first class: the hunt, the food, the accommodations and concessions, plus your attention to details.

If you are a serious hunter, South Africa, especially the Eastern Cape, represent a true value and treasured experience. Whether it is your first hunt, or fiftieth, I truly recommend Andrew Harvey Safaris.

Norm Klopfenstein, Missouri, USA.

We were hunting with Andrew Harvey at the end of august, it was our first time in Africa and it was a fantastic experience! We admire Andrew´s professionalism, he took great care of all that we needed, he works enthusiastically and he got us enthusiastic as well, we enjoyed a lot! Definitely, we will ask Andrew to come with us our next time in South Africa and we highly recommend Andrew Harvey for anyone thinking about going to this Country.

Thank you Andrew for the great time we spent with you and Hunter!

Besos y abrazos desde España.
Javi & Almudena

Andrew Harvey Safaris far exceeded all my expectations! I have hunted all over North America and never expected the dramatic and stunning terrain and beauty of the Mt. Camdeboo area, from the dense valleys up the dramatic granite cliffs to the vast plains and plateaus, truly breathtaking. As you take your drive from the 5 star lodge with wonderful staff into the lowlands, there are  all types of game (giraffes, rhinos, kudu, ostriches, monkeys...) and as you climb up the mountains, other species (eland, gemsbuck, black wildabeast...) and at the top are the vast plains that sit thousands of feet above the valley. When you put your binoculars up and look into the distances there is game in so many areas, a true sight to see!

We hunted hard for 5 days and filled, actually far exceeded my list.  Andrew is a phenomenal PH, with the full skill set, which made every hunt and stalk a memorable experience. Upon completing our hunt we went down to sight see in Gonubie (East London), where we enjoyed the beachfront community and a very nice B&B. Had an opportunity to just enjoy the South African lifestyle with Andrew's relatives who were wonderful, engaging, and can they cook!

Because of extra time we had a chance to stay at Bluecliff Perserve which allowed us to visit the Addo Elephant Reserve and Cheetah Ranch both great areas to see game and get an unusually up close experience of the amazing animals of the area,  (without having them lay in the back of the truck)--you may take that out Andrew, but it is the "flippin" truth--heehee!

My wife and I ended the trip in St. Francis Bay, staying at his mothers B&B, we were spoiled and I am 5 pounds heavier. The fishing in the area is great and the scenery of this town is awesome, rent some golf clubs and uncle Benny will take the rest of your money!

Thank you Andrew for a lifetime of memories.

Your friends,
Joel & Susan Carroll

I would highly recommend Andrew Harvey Safaris for anyone thinking about going to Africa. No one will work harder than Andrew to ensure you will have a wonderful experience and take the animals you desire. My wife went along as an observer and we both had the experience of a lifetime. The numbers of animals we saw each day was incredible. The terrain was beautiful. Andrew's skill at spotting and judging the animals was amazing. I harvested 7 animals and 5 qualified for the SCI record book.

Each evening we were able to relax and talk about the day’s experiences. The accommodations and meals were all first class. All the staff members were very friendly and did everything they could to ensure our visit was enjoyable. Anyone thinking about going to Africa I would say "do it and do it with Andrew!" You will truly "leave as friends."

Mike Hoffman, Missouri, USA.

From the time Andrew picked us up from the airport until our departure he made our vacation a trip of a life time.  It all started out with a perfect week of plains game hunting.  From the abundant game and spectacular scenery to the great accommodations, he made made it 1st class all the way.  Most of the animals scored in SCI record book!  No one could ask for a better hunt or a better Guide.  When the hunting was done Andrew went above and beyond to make the rest of our stay a trip we would never forget.  The tour to Addo Elephant park, Cheetah game reserve, Mount Camdeboo's photo safari with sun set and sun rise tours.  It was truly amazing and far beyond what we had dreamed it could be.  Thank you, Andrew, for all your hospitality and extra effort.  It did not go unnoticed.

We can't wait to return again some day!

Todd & Monica Glockzin


I wanted to let you know what a great time we had. Our safari with you exceeded my wildest dreams, and I can't wait to do it again. From the minute we arrived until we left, it was better than anything I could of ever expected.

I could of never imagined being able to see the number of animals I saw and collect the number of quality animals I was able to get. I really appreciate how hard you worked to put me in front of game, and your ability to gauge the quality of the trophy and your guidance to enable me to make the shot.

Also, after a long day of hunting, it was like going home when we went back to the lodge. Mandy made the lodge feel like home- from the terrific home style meals, to the comfortable chalet, life was wonderful, and enabled me to be rested for the next day.

In planning this trip, I thought Africa would be someplace I would like to go one time in my life, but like so many others, the first trip just made me want to go back again. I feel that hunting with you is why I feel that way. I'm still amazed how you could work so hard and put in so many hours day after day to make sure our hunting trip was such a success, and want you to know we really appreciated your efforts.

I'll close with saying I feel we found the best outfitter and PH on our first trip, and I wouldn't think of coming back to anyone else- it couldn't possibly measure up to our experience.

Look forward to seeing you in February when you come to the states- we've got to plan our next trip with Andrew Harvey Safaris. Be sure to say hi for me to Mandy and the kids.

Best Regards,
Barry & Charlene, Columbia, Missouri.

Hunting with Andrew was a real treat. He took great care of our every need. I was a little reluctant to go to a "hunting camp" and "rough it," but when I arrived at Mt. Camdeboo, I was in for a real pleasant surprise. The country manor he had reserved for us was incredibly beautiful like an oasis in the midst of the rugged terrain.  We had a spacious room that looked out upon rose gardens and a serene swimming pool. The manor was surrounded by a panoramic, breathtaking view of the mountains. The staff catered to our every need making us feel like royalty. In the evening, they decorated the boma and we were served wild game, gourmet style, around a roaring fire.  Of course the hunting was great too.  My favorite moment was early one morning, as our truck drove up over the crest of a mountain top to find a wide expanse of land spreading out in front of us.  We came upon three herds of animals running freely in the early morning dawn -- first, eland, running away as we came near, then a herd of zebra, cautiously checking us out, and finally a herd of wildebeest running about, almost playfully. This was the morning when my husband got his biggest prize, a beautiful Gemsbuck.  Later that day, I shot a Blesbuck from 240 yards out -- just one shot! It was very exciting and exhilarating. I've only been hunting twice in my life and I so appreciated Andrew's patience and encouragement.

Thanks, Andrew, for the experience of a lifetime!
Bill & Cindy Davies

To Andrew Harvey, Mandy, Courtney and Blake at Andrew Harvey Safaris. My son, Aaron and I would like to say thanks again for the fabulous and exciting ten days spent in the outback at the Andrew Harvey Safaris lodge...an experience that will last a lifetime.

A pleasant surprise was the beauty of the rugged terrain, almost Wyoming-Colorado like, along with rolling plains, (with horns).

The multitude of beautiful animals and the unlimited choices of game made the long days fly by faster than seemed possible.

Now comes the exciting time of apprehension, waiting for the dozen or so animals and mounts to be received from Africa. Thanks again to Andrew and Mandy at Andrew Harvey Safaris for the great memories and friendships forever.

Gary Arthur, Coopersville, Michigan, USA.

Would you like a real adventure? Then book a hunt with Andrew Harvey Safaris. My husband and I decided a special trip was in order for 2009 as we both turned 60 and we would be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. While attending a local Safari Club fundraiser dinner I bid on and won a seven day hunting safari with Andrew, which he had kindly donated. South Africa is beautiful country, accommodations were great, his wife Mandy is so helpful and just lovely, and you couldn’t have asked for a better professional hunter. We were there at the end of the hunting season, however, the animals Andrew found for us were all ‘gold’.  It was good we had to return to the U.S., otherwise, I think my husband would still be hunting!

  I hope you all have a very happy holiday and we wish you the best,

Hal & Stevie Mulligan, Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA.

I highly recommend Andrew as being one of the most knowledgeable and keen eyed hunters of plains animals! His motto of "Come as a client and leave as a friend" truly describes our experience with Andrew's hunting safari operation.

Quality ranches and friendly owner-operators make for outdoor big country beauty and wildlife memories that will last you for a lifetime!

Ken & Marcia De Wild

To Andrew and Amanda Harvey,

If I would have known our Honeymoon Safari would be such a great time, I would have got married sooner! From the beginning of our arrival to our departure we had a never ending smile. It was a pleasure spending our Honeymoon with your family and friends. The non-hunters, my sister and a friend, had almost as much fun as we did. Our meals and accommodations where first class. Your knowledge of the African Law for entry of weapons into South Africa made it the fastest than in my 3 previous trips. Andrew's eye for the quality of animals couldn't have made me happier! My wife harvesting a Trophy Bushbuck and Cape Kudu was the highlight of my trip. She and I where overwhelmed with the Lynx hunt with the dogs. We will never forget it! After harvesting a Trophy Blue Duiker, Oribi, Steenbuck and Cape Grysbuck, the realization of the Tiny Ten is much closer. My Red Lechwe and Cape Kudu will bring back many great memories when viewed in our game room. I really enjoyed the spotlighting, which led to my 2nd Lynx of the trip. We are looking forward to spending our 2nd Anniversary with you!

We wish you the best and God bless you all!

Nick & Karen Leon


I would like to thank you for the great time that you showed us on the hunt last week. Your accommodations were far better than we thought they would be. From the daily laundry to the heating blankets all the way to the food. It was very relaxing after the hunt to enjoy ourselves by the fire and unwind. The food was great and Mandy sure new how to make it a home cooked meal and very tasty. I think I gained weight on this trip even after stalking up and down the mountains after the game.

We ending up shooting 7 animals and 5 of them scored high enough to go into he books. My wife shot the Zebra and my 9 year old and 11 year olds each shot Springbucks. You made our hunt great by working with our kids on making their shots count with your patience. We had our challenges with this but your persistence to get them their animals paid off which made our hunt complete. My first Kudu was not up standards and you arranged it so we could go after a second Kudu that was far larger and it definitely made the books. Our only challenge now is trying to figure out were we will be putting all of the mounts on the walls and when the next time we will return for more of your hospitality.

Thanks for a great hunt and a great vacation. Please use me as a reference because I will recommend you to everybody.

Randy Dewald, District Sales Manager, Grand Rapids East

Hunting with Andrew Harvey Safaris was a life changing experience. You will not find an Outfitter or Professional Hunter who is more dedicated to ensuring every comfort and detail of your safari is taken care of. Andrew’s ability to judge trophy animals along with his standards for the game he wants you to take will only put Trophy Book quality animals in your hands. Even aside from hunting, his dedication to every need, comfort, and request is incredible. Andrew will work tirelessly to make sure that your trip is as great an experience as possible. We consider Andrew and Mandy very good friends of ours.

Chad & Wendy Brummel

I booked the hunt with Andrew Harvey Safaris approximately 8 weeks before departing to Africa. Andrew and Mandy were very helpful in answering all of our questions and even recommended a travel agent that was able to save us hundreds of dollars on our travel arrangements.

I have been on a number of guided hunts but this was the first time my wife joined me as an observer. Andrew did everything he could to make the experience memorable for both of us. The food and accommodations were very good and there are a number of sightseeing opportunities. If you make the trip, make sure you allow extra time.

Andrew is a great guide with an amazing ability to judge the size of an animal to within an inch from hundreds of yards away. His judging ability allowed me to take four SCI book animals and if I had done my part with the rifle, I would have had five record book trophies.

I enjoy spotting and stalking animals so that is what we did. Andrew will tailor the hunting to the needs and desires of the individual.

We hunted Kudu seven of the eight evening hunts. I saw hundreds of Kudu but not the trophy book animals Andrew and I were looking for. When the sun set on the last evening, Andrew was much more disappointed than I, which is typical of his intense desire to have everything turn out perfect.

I highly recommend hunting with Andrew Harvey safaris. And plan to hunt with him again. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Dave & Kay Poskey

As first time participants of an international hunting safari, all of our experiences with Andrew Harvey Safaris exceeded our expectations. The correspondence prior to and since has been very helpful. The hospitality and accommodations were great; the only thing better was the hunt experiences itself. Three out of the four trophy animals that Doug got qualified for the record book. The meals were delicious and they went out of their way to cater to Sandy’s food allergy issues. The side trips that Andrew Harvey included were not only enjoyable, but very photographic and memorable experiences. They really catered to our every need. We truly enjoyed our time with Andrew, Mandy and Courtney; and look forward to our next safari with them.

Doug & Sandy Popma

I have always had wonderful hunts with Andrew Harvey. Andrew works incredibly hard to get really great trophy animals. All of mine qualify for the SCI Record Book. I will never forget the thrill of my Cape Buffalo and Caracal hunts! The lodges and meals tempted me to just stay here and forget to come home. Truly a full service company and an amazing value, especially in these times.

Dr. Roger Rose, West Olive, Michigan. SCI Life Member

To me, my wife Carol and my friends Maru and Jose Carlos, being at Andrew Harvey Safaris was a home from home. Professional hunting is what Andrew knows very well how to do. Honesty, enthusiasm, patient and always “in search of excellence” are among others, the qualities that Andrew has shown to us during those days. No wonder about the exquisite care and attention that we have also received from Mandy and the entire staff as well. She was also a very key part to contribute to our pleasant stay. Perfect lodging and meals, all carefully prepared to ensure that nothing was missing. No doubt, we all have left with one desire: to be back soon – and sure will. Thanks for all our dear FRIENDS.

Luis & Carol Montero

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