Frequently Asked Questions

What will the average shot be?

200 - 250 yards

Are there many snakes around?

You may come across a snake, but this rarely happens. During winter they are in hibernation.

What beverages are available?

Local beer and wine will be served, as well as soft drinks. If there is a specific beverage you would like, there are many stores from which you can purchase from.

What current does South Africa use?

220 volts

Is there a laundry service available?

Laundry will be done regularly

Can I use someone of my preference to dip and pack or mount my trophies?

We use an independent company to dip and pack our client's trophies, but if you wish to use someone of your own choice it will be no problem at all.

Can I have a package made up to suite me?

This will be no problem at all.

What time will the day start?

Around 5.30am each morning.

Will there be access to the internet and a telephone?

Not at every lodge, but getting messages home can easily be arranged and telephone calls can easily be arranged.

Can I claim the 14 % VAT tax back at the airport?

You may only claim the 14 % VAT back on items you purchase on your travels on presentation of the receipt.

Is camouflage allowed in South Africa?

Military camouflage is not allowed, but retail camouflage i.e. Realtree; Cabela's etc is no problem. We don't suggest that you travel in camouflage.

On what is 14 % VAT tax charged?

14 % VAT tax is added on to the daily rates for the duration of the safari and any other costs incurred. The only items that VAT is not charged on, are animals.


"If my continuing returns to hunt with Andrew Harvey is any indication of my degree of satisfaction, then Andrew deserves a 10+ in my book. From attention to detail, to communication (before, during and after the hunt), to the quality of animals, the preparation of trophies, to the quality of food, accommodations and staff, all things meet or exceed my expectations as a hunter, client and friend..."

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Once again we send out a newsletter marking highlights of another successful season. We are always grateful for our clientele and never take a good hunting season for granted. 2015 marks probably one of the worst years for negativity against hunting and hunters. It is important to us not to be sucked into the hype of social media...

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